Duran i Reynals Hospital – Catalan Institute of Oncology

Hospital Duran i Reynals Institut Català d’OncologiaThe Catalan Institute of Oncology initiated its activity at Durán i Reynals Hospital in 1996 as a cutting-edge new centre for the treatment of cancer in patients diagnosed within the Costa de Ponent healthcare division. The centre was set up with the goal of becoming a leader in the treatment of low-frequency and highly therapeutically complex tumours.

The treatment process makes close collaboration with Bellvitge University Hospital a necessity, as diagnostic tests and the surgical treatment of cancer are performed at that facility. Another key component in promoting a comprehensive approach to the treatment of cancer is the institute's Tumour Commission, which the different committees for specific tumours report to and which is made up of specialists from the different services involved in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer at both institutions. The Commission represents the operating instrument by which treatment protocols are devised and updated.

Another important part of the care we provide is the connection between the regional hospitals that make up the Costa de Ponent healthcare division in Barcelona, which is strengthened by the work done by five of our oncologists in five different regional hospitals. The objective of this project is to take oncology treatment to the patient, to foster inter-hospital coordination, and to reach concensus on specific oncological actions to be taken. Thanks to this project, day hospitals have gradually been created and consolidated in different regional hospitals as well as tumour committees and registries.