Faculty of Dentistry University of Barcelona

Facultat d'Odontologia Universitat de BarcelonaThe Faculty of Dentistry trains future dentistry professionals with a curriculum that satisfies the key points of the European Directive on educational requirements for the industry.

In general terms, this means that first it provides them with an adequate knowledge of the sciences on which dentistry is based and a good understanding of scientific methods, including the principles of measuring biological functions and the evaluation of scientifically established facts and data analysis.

Then, graduates will also have an adequate knowledge of the constitution, physiology and behaviour of healthy individuals and patients, as well as the influence of natural and social environments on the health of human beings, especially as related to dentistry.

Third, students will be able to consolidate an understanding of the structure and function of the teeth, mouth, jaw and the adjoining tissues, in health and disease, and their relationships with patients’ general health and physical and social state of wellbeing.

Fourth, students will also acquire the principles and practical skills of clinical disciplines and methods, allowing them to understand abnormalities, injuries and diseases of the teeth, mouth, jaw and adjoining tissues, as well as preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic dentistry. And finally, the Faculty also ensures that its students are provided with adequate clinical experience under appropriate supervision.