University Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

Hospital Clínic de Barcelona Hospital UniversitarioHospital Clínic de Barcelona is a university hospital founded in 1906 which belongs to the Catalan Public Hospital Network (XHUP). Through the practice of all medical and surgical areas of specialization, the hospital is active in the spheres of healthcare, research and teaching, both directly and through associated companies.



As the main public healthcare provider in its area of influence in the city of Barcelona, the hospital acts as a community hospital serving a population of 540,000 inhabitants, while at the same time operating as a tertiary care facility for highly complex cases. The latter function involves treating patients from not only Catalonia, but from all over Spain and even abroad. The hospital carries out its activities in several different centres, including a separate maternity hospital.  

In order to ensure continued care and the comprehensive provision of health services, Hospital Clínic participates in the management of primary care centres (Gesclinic and the Ensanche Primary Care Health Consortium), works on projects and activities in the field of mental health and establishes alliances with other centres to meet the socio-health needs of its patients. 

Barnaclínic, a healthcare centre linked to Hospital Clínic, is devoted to the provision of healthcare for private patients. Through its Transplant Services Foundation (TSF), the centre does important work in the extraction and distribution of organs and tissues. 


The hospital has a deep-rooted tradition of research which has made it a national and international benchmark institution. A significant part of the hospital's research activites are organized through the August Pi i Sunyer Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBAPS). The management and administration of research projects is done by the Clínic Foundation for Biomedical Research (FCRB).


Hospital Clínic is responsible for teaching activities at both the undergraduate and post-graduate level, including training medical residents and the on-going training of existing staff. The hospital is closely linked to the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Barcelona. Through its professionals it also offers high-quality external training, facilitated and organized under the brand Aula Clínic.