University Hospital Mútua de Terrassa

Hospital Universitari Mútua de TerrassaMútuaTerrassa is made up of professionals grouped into different bodies and companies for the purpose of protecting and improving people's health. The organization is committed to serving the community and has a clear orientation towards customer satisfaction. The hospital celebrated the 100 year anniversary of its opening in the year 2000.

MútuaTerrassa was founded in the year 1900 as a mutual insurance company for workplace accidents with the goal of mitigating the consequences of workplace accidents through financial assitance, healthcare provision, rehabilitation and workplace readaptation. Part of its name when it was founded included the slogan "Terrassa insurance for workplace accidents".

Over the course of time, the organization gradually adapted to the changing needs of the community and diversified the services it offered. Today, MútuaTerrassa employs nearly 3,000 professionals, 80% of whom are women and 20% are men, with an average age of 38 years.

MútuaTerrassa is active in the geographic area of Catalonia and, to a lesser extent, throughout the rest of Spain.

The companies that make up MútuaTerrassa belong to the benefit society for workplace risks called the Mutualidad de Previsión Social (MPS). Of the total amount of annual resources managed by the organization, 85% come from agreements with public administrations and the remaining 15% from private sources.


MPS + Foundations (3)

Social economy enitities (NGOs) 93%

Today the activities of MútuaTerrassa are centred around the following areas:

  • Healthcare
    • State-subsidized public, hospital and private care
    • Private
  • Socio-health care
  • Insurance
  • Insdustrial laundry and sterilization
  • ICT
  • Healthcare logistics
  • Research and development
  • Clinical analysis laboratory
  • Consultancy