The HUBc alliance has been formed in an effort to meet the following objectives:

  • To encourage teaching excellence in university medical studies and other studies within the field of health.
  • To develop continuous training to guarantee the ongoing training of all professionals linked to the field of health.
  • To integrate translational research into clinical practice and education at HUBc.
  • To make progress in the consolidation of HUBc hospitals as international benchmarks in tertiary activities.
  • To maintain and increase levels of scientific output and its impact on international medical knowledge networks.
  • To create new companies in the fields of biomedicine, nanoengineering and medical technology.
  • To facilitate knowledge transfer and the application of innovations through faculties, university hospitals, research centres and companies, with a central focus on health.
  • To strengthen the ability to transform the local area, social situation and the environment towards sustainable economic development and an inclusive social model.

All of the areas of action, objectives and activities that together form the HUBc project are briefly set out in the following strategic proposal:

Proposta Global HUBc