25 April is Malaria's day and St Joan de Deu Hospital have launched the programme “Apadrina un tratamiento” in order to fight against this disease.

Doctor John Aponte, Profesor and researcher from CRESIB, will talk about Malaria's impact and evolution around the World. On the other hand,  Montserrat Juncà, nurse from Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, will explain an experience about this disease in Hospital de Lunsar (Sierra Leone). It will take place in Auditori Doctor Plaza ( Sant Joan de Déu) at 13 h.

It will represent the first event on Solidary Mobile campaign to foster re-use by mobile technology and other electronic machines. This campaign wants to sensibilize about responsible consumer habits and respect to environment. The Hospital becomes all technology in medical treatments to fight against Malaria under “Apadrina un tratamiento” programme.