Ferran Adrià presents Bullipedia project to cooks and cooking schools at the UB


The University of Barcelona hosted last 18th March the presentation of Bullipedia project and UB-Bullipedia Unit. The chef and honorary doctorate from the UB Ferran Adrià has described them to journalists and cooking schools representatives. Bullipedia is one of the main objectives of El Bulli Foundation, an initiative fostered by Ferra Adrià which aims at providing society in general, and gastronomy world, with high quality information about the knowledge generated by El Bulli. Ferran Adrià se ha reunido con representantes de escuelas de cocina

Within this project, the University of Barcelona hosts the academic unit UB-Bullipedia, to support and counsel Bullipedia project. This unit, located on the first floor of la Masía Building at the Food and Nutrition campus of the UB, in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, was created as a result of the agreement signed by the rector of the UB and Ferran Adrià as a representative of El Bulli Foundation on 23rd October 2012.

The academic side of Bullipedia will be developed in several connected fields: history of West culinary art by means of recovering historical documents; science and cooking, in which scientific knowledge will be applied to cooking in order to develop new ideas and projects; the analysis of cooking techniques studied at universities and cooking schools to structure information; the study of cooking products; cooking terminology; creativity and cooking (application of the creative process which links art and cooking), and companies organisation and management.