MEETING:Professional perspectives in the bio sector

In order to give professionals a first-hand look at the job market in this sector, which is now one of the driving forces of this country’s economy and the focus of important international projects and initiatives, Barcelona Activa and Biocat are organizing the event Professional perspectives in the bio sector on 30 April. The event is geared towards professionals with university degrees that are currently working or actively seeking jobs and are interested in learning about how this sector is evolving and the opportunities is offers (including self-employment).

The event will begin with a conference given by Biocat explaining the current situation of the sector in Catalonia and the initiatives being carried out to boost and develop talent and bioentrepreneurship, like the BioEmprenedorXXI business start-up program.

Michael Thiele, partner at LIM Global and headhunter specializing in the biopharmaceutical arena; Albert Zamora, CEO of Bionure and director of Innovation at the Clínic Foundation for Biomedical Research; and Francesc Cartanya, director of HR Development, Training and Recruitment at Grifols, will explain the companies’ viewpoint and touch on aspects like what they require from professionals joining their companies (training, skills, competences, languages, etc.), the shortcomings they detect when looking for qualified personnel, the recruitment channels they normally use and the professional options with the best opportunities for the future.

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