V Research week in Faculty of Medicine at UB

The Faculty of Medicine at UB, aggregated centre at HUBc, will celebrate its V Research Week through diffrent conferences to link science and the neighborhood.

It contains three conferences to provide people knowledge about medicine's research on this University. This year the Research week will take place tomorrow 7, 8 and 9 of May.

Research activity in the Faculty of Medicine has situated UB as first ranking universities on health science. The aim of these conferences is offer this knowledge to open public.



It is free attendance. Place: Aula Magna in Faculty of Medicine at UB (s/ Casanova, 143).  
Tuesday, 7 May, 18.30 h
«Vaccines' research: from variola to AIDs»
Dr. Antoni Trilla (Department of public health at UB, IDIBAPS and Hospital Clínic)
Wednesday, 8 May, 18.30 h
«New advances in minimally invasive surgery»
Dr. Antonio Lacy (Department of Surgery and Surgical Specialties at UB, IDIBAPS and Hospital Clínic)
Thursday, 9 May, 17.00 h
«Epigenetics: not everything is written in the genes»
Dr. Iñaki Martín (Department of Pathology anatomy, Pharmacology and Microbiology at UB and IDIBAPS)