HUBc representants entitats signants Campus d'Excel·lència Internacional CEIWithin the the University of Barcelona, both by merit of its past history and in its present position as one of the most formidable institutions of higher education in our country, the HUBc project brings together all the requirements for excellence through merging knowledge and health.

The HUBc alliance comprises four teaching centres and six hospitals with nearly 12,000 health science professionals, including researchers, teaching staff and healthcare professionals, and 8,000 students engaged in different degree programs. Our alliance also merges the strengths of two cities, Barcelona and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, the union of which results in a nationally and internationally recognized pole of attraction in the field of health sciences.

The key to project’s success revolves around the quality of its teaching staff and researchers, the strength of its ties with the local social and economic environment, the solidity of its scientific background and professional experience, its promotion of innovation and its capacity for the transfer of knowledge and results to the productive sector. This makes HUBc a first-rate project in terms of regional strength, national involvement and international significance.

The HUBc project is also based on mutual trust between the public and private sectors in their commitment to working on common ground, to joining efforts to coordinate, lead and promote the biomedicine and medical technologies sectors as tools for improving the quality of life of the community, and to providing a sustainable driving force behind the transformation of the country, its economic development, and its social wellbeing.

HUBc was designed as a project for conversion towards international excellence. It is based on a model committed to advancement in the social arena as well as in innovation and knowledge in the health sciences, essential pillars for improving people’s health in light of the challenges posed by new global needs. Our strategic alliance with the productive sector also gives us outstanding opportunities for internationalization and excellence. In this respect, HUBc strongest point is its high degree of specialization in the field of health – a specialization that is undeniably a key factor in attracting talent.

HUBc is therefore an initiative for training, research and the transfer of knowledge in the field of health sciences. It brings together nearly 30 different organizations including universities, hospitals, research centres, companies and regional bodies that, as institutions or consortia, facilitate the integration and consolidation of healthcare and the economy.

This relationship with the economic environment has been developed in a scientific-healthcare context that joins Barcelona and L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, and extends to other neighbouring communities as well. This is the heart of the HUBc project: the health campus of the University of Barcelona.

Rector Dídac Ramírez Sarrió