Research at the HUBc

The HUBc is a leader in scientific output in the health sector in Spain. Science in today’s world is characterized by high levels of scientific output and biomedicine and health sciences are undeniably a distinguishing factor both in this country and abroad. This reality has necessarily led to the conversion of both universities and healthcare providers into research centres of excellence.

Scientific output does not refer solely to the number of scientific articles published, but also to the number of times those articles have been cited in other works. The HUBc has achieved impressive results in this respect.  For example, the scientific output of Hospital Clínic de Barcelona is twice as high as the second highest ranking Spanish hospital.

Members of the HUBc are responsible for a large percentage of the scientific output in Catalonia, as would be expected, but even more impressive is that the scientific output of the HUBc in the healthcare sector represents nearly 20% of all the scientific articles published in Spain. Specifically, the campus generates 12.8% of university scientific output in the area of biomedicine and more than 50% of the scientific output generated in Catalonia at public research centres.

The strategic goal of the HUBc is to continue creating conditions that favour the excellence of its professionals, in addition to fostering specific measures aimed at increasing the potential of clinical research.