Doctorat HUBcDoctoral studies involve the creation of original research work and culminate in the submission and defence of a doctoral thesis. The research activity associated with the doctorate degree is one of the reasons that the HUBc is a leader in university research in Spain and, more specifically, in the area of health.

Doctoral programs fall within the framework of the research areas of the university department or institute that organizes them. The HUBc, through its many and varied participating organizations, offers a wide range of doctoral programs. You will find the complete list in the doctoral program search area of the section in this website called ‘studying’.

With the changes brought about by adaptation to the regulatory framework of the European Higher Education Area, doctoral students are now required to complete a doctoral program comprising a training period which, in general terms, consists of the research pathway of one or more than one university master’s degree course.

Doctoral studies – i.e. the research period corresponding to the drafting of a doctoral thesis – may also include complementary educational activities.