Col·legi Major Sant Jordi allotjament Universitat de Barcelona HUBcThe HUBc, the campus of international excellence in health, offers several different accommodation possibilities for students and research staff, most of them linked to the University of Barcelona, the institution at the core of the project.

  • The halls of residents are responsible for providing housing to university students while promoting education and a cooperative spirit. Following this link will bring you to a complete list of the halls of residence belonging to the University, and another seven that are affiliated with the UB. In any case, it is essential that you reserve a place in one of these halls during the month of April.
  • The social projects division CatalunyaCaixa, by means of an agreement with the University of Barcelona, offers two types of accommodation for members of the university community. First of all, the Viure i conviure program helps students looking for a place to live near the University to find one in the company of a senior citizen, thereby fostering relationships and interactions between people of different generations. To be admitted into this program, candidates must be under 30 years old and must not have a residence or a job in Barcelona. 
  • The Barcelona Housing Service is a consortium that sponsors activities to promote Barcelona as a university centre with international scope and offers accommodation both to students of the University of Barcelona and to people visiting the city on a temporary basis. It works through a reservation centre in which users can choose from different types of accommodation, with a flat rental board for young people and another board site for rooms in shared flats.

The HUBc is also currently working on one project to expand the accommodation possibilities for teaching staff, researchers and students on campus:

  • Bellvitge hall of residence project. Begun in December 2011, financed with funds from the campus of international excellence program and included within the modernization sub-program of the Ministry of Housing, this project aims to offer specific solutions to the geographic dispersion of the research centres and university hospitals linked to the HUBc. Therefore, it seeks to respond to the housing needs of students, teaching staff and researchers and technical personnel linked to the HUBc and, in another separate building, to the housing needs of the families of patients undergoing medium- to long-term hospital treatment. The project will consist of 200 individual rooms (50 with built-in and shared kitchens) and 20 apartments. The project also includes the construction of a restaurant and other complementary services adapted to the needs of future residents.